Online Marketing

The most effective strategy to implement a successful online marketing campaign is by partnering with online marketing specialists who can guide you throughout the process. As your marketing partner, our team plans and executes effective online campaigns day-to-day, or when you have need to focus your resources on other facets of your business.

Our online services include:

Social Media Marketing Services:

Social media marketing has fast become a critical tool and resource for companies to achieve business goals including brand building, customer acquisition, reaching niche markets, building online reputation, providing timely customer service, and growing customer loyalty. Social media marketing inherently allows businesses to interact with their clients on a more personal level and establish brand loyalty.

Whether you are planning a fresh, new social media presence for your business, or if you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your current campaign, Sphyr's experienced marketing team can help you generate buzz on various social media platforms to help grow and help grow your business.  We take you through the process step by step starting with a planning process to determine your social media goals. Then we help you build the right community and choose the right social tools for your goals and, most importantly, by generating and delivering engaging content and monitoring the results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing gives has become one of the most affordable methods to promote your brand because it give you  the ability to send real-time, personalized messages to specific segments of your current or prospective customer base . It is  the perfect tool for customer relationship management, and allows you to easily track sales metrics.

Our Email marketing services help you maintain contact with your client base through a customer database and allows you to easily deliver important updates through engaging writing and eye-catching messages. As part of our service, we also share the customer data base we broadcast the list to.

Search Engine Marketing – PPC/ Adwords Campaign

PPC is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing because you only pay for the clicks that lead to your website. Using PPC for direct product marketing allows you to determine the value of each click.

Sphyr partners with you to increase your ROI on your adverting dollars by generating and maintaining an high click-through rate. We work with all the major serach engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to specifically target customer segments for your business.