Software Development and Integration

Software selection and integration is one of the most important decisions facing businesses today. The most important is to identify and choose the right strategy and approach – development of custom software, or integration of out-of-the-box software.  The approach that works for your company is dependent upon your budget and business goals. 

We have extensive experience in Microsoft ASP.Net, .Net 3.5 Development, Microsoft Dynamics, Windows Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint. Our software team is also skilled in open source solutions such as Drupal, Joomla, PHP, CRM, SugarCRM and content management systems.

Out-of-the-Box vs Custom Solutions

Out-of-the-box software can offer good solutions and handles a wide range of business processes, but the "one size fits all " nature of out-of-the-box software means it often lacks flexibility and cannot be customized to your businesses specific processes.

Custom developed software, offer the advantage of being tailored to work seamlessly with your business processes. It also allows greater flexibility and control over upgrades in response to changing business processes and market dynamics.

Business Expertise & Technology Skills

As specialists in software development and integration, our focus is on analyzing customer requirement and engineering software the meets those needs.  We achieve fast implementation of high quality solutions because of our experience in project and people management and our technical expertise in major programming languages for operation systems, hardware, and software.


Our software development methodology has been refined through many successful software applications. When you work with our team, you can trust us to deliver excellent software using industry-standard from the initial development phases to fianle deployment, including user testing and training for end-users.